Low sugar cookies, made with the kids

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Today we made low sugar cookie dough and added different flavours to make 4 types of cookies. Cranberries, choc bits, peanut butter and cinnamon.

We used this time to practice our fine motor skills and our hand eye coordination. Using small tongs, the kids added the ingredients to the bowl.

I found the addition of tongs also slowed down the activity. Sometimes the mixing part is too quick and I am just left with a mess and the kids repeating, “when are they ready".

Play based learning

We also used the time to chat. We spoke about “same and different”. We compared the two eggs we used and spoke about them being the same, however the cranberries and choc chips are different.

Miss 4 is also trying to use the correct word when something is finished. While the mixer was on, creaming the butter and sugar, we said “we are mixing, mixing, mixing” and then I turned the machine off and said now we “mix__ed”.

Tips for cooking with kids

Mixing the 4 flavours and then rolling them into cookie balls was a long process for a 3 and 4 year old. I was able use this time to clean and clear the used bowls and the mess was almost done when they were finished.

I put the first tray in pretty quickly, so that when they had made all the balls, we had some cookies to munch on.

The recipe is from Kidgrediants, its a shortbread texture, you could also use any basic cookie dough recipe and add the same or different variations. White choc bits and macadamia would be great too.